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Acceptance of Terms

Science Talents (ST) provides jobs opportunities published by verified companies. ST also posts jobs by connecting to an automatic integration of indeed.com database filtering job types, location and category. Candidates can publish their resumes. Privacy is controlled by website security which is a standard system without regular control. This site runs under suitable protection of all users.

Terms of Service (TOS) may be updated from time to time without notice.


Payments/ Refund Policy

We deserve to give the best to our clients and users. Job listers (Companies) may be charged when publishing job posts according with prices published under “post-a-job” page. Our payment system is a worldwide known and used platform PAYPAL wich offers the most advanced and┬ásecure┬ásystem do clients and merchants. Refund is not an option! However, according with our client satisfaction policy we are available to offer you the equivalent amount in job posts running on the same conditions.

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